Commission on the 21st Century Economy

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Commission on the 21st Century Economy
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Reports relevant to the Commission's work are available in this section. These documents represent a broad range of perspectives and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Commission or its staff.

Commission Reports

Final Report of the Commission on the 21st Century Economy (.pdf, 425 pages, <5 MB) The following Commissioners endorsed submitting this report to the Governor and Legislature: Chairman Gerald Parsky, Ruben Barrales, Michael Boskin, John Cogan, Edward De La Rosa, Christopher Edley, Jr., Monica Lozano, Becky Morgan and Curt Pringle.

Government Reports

State of California Department of Finance (DOF)

Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO)

Other Governmental Organizations

Reports by Non-Governmental Organizations

California Budget Project

California Tax Reform Association

Council on State Taxation (COST)


Public Policy Institute of California